Excerpt from Time Inc's letter to freelance photographers

An open letter to Time Inc UK

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  When several photographers started getting letters from Hamish Dawson, Publishing Director  of  Time Inc.(UK) Ltd, Specialist Sport and Leisure with a new rights grab which asked them to agree to sign away all rights in any work that they carried out for the magazines and websites in the group we decided to write to him. Below is that letter and below

thebppaAn open letter to Time Inc UK
Eddie Mulholland

Anyone for Polo

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I was covering The opening of The Field of Remembrance (the crosses with poppies laid every year by The British Legion) at Westminster Abbey, which this year was by Prince Harry, when I first heard about his trip to Oman and Dubai.The Telegraph’s Royal correspondent Gordon Rayner was down to go and I explained how happy I’d be to accompany

Eddie MulhollandAnyone for Polo
Challenger II tanks from 3 (UK )Division on the largest joint military exercise since 2008 in Zagan Poland with the Polish 11 Armoured Cavalry Division. Zagan 21 November 2014

Away day… to Poland

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As if often the case in the era of multimedia news gathering I was recently despatched to Poland on a whirlwind visit to shoot stills and video. A British armoured Battlegroup have been taking part in war games with the Polish military entitled “Black Eagle” for several weeks and the press had been invited along to coincide with a visit

Heathcliff O'MalleyAway day… to Poland
Mikael Buck

The one on the left is a snapper…

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On the left we have a Snapper, it’s a type of fish, on the right we have a photographer – please learn the difference. Would you like to demean everything I have achieved in my career with one word? Great! Then just call me a snapper – you won’t be the first or the last person to do it. With

Mikael BuckThe one on the left is a snapper…
Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd

Insurance and what to look for

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  Let’s start off by stating the obvious – professional photographers tend to own a lot of expensive gear. Most photographers have insurance for that expensive gear and one of the most common queries that you’ll see on discussion forums frequented by those professionals is about which insurer is the best/cheapest. Insurance is proof of two of life’s most enduring truths:

thebppaInsurance and what to look for
England, UK . 5.10.2013. London . Demotix press card ( photographer at UK Uncut protest against government plans to cut legal aid ).

New from the UKPCA – Passport and Chips

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All change at the UKPCA – the UK Press Card Authority, where the BPPA is one of the card issuing gatekeepers. At today’s meeting they voted nemo contra for two fundamental reforms. The meeting faced two problems. First, Custom Card, who administer the card on behalf of the gatekeepers, had detected two duplicate applications for the card from one individual

Andrew WiardNew from the UKPCA – Passport and Chips