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I’m a staff news photographer for Getty Images in London covering news in the UK and beyond. I started life in a sleepy town in East Yorkshire which is still where I call home though I live in London. Having studied sculpture at University, I soon came to the realization that the art world wasn’t for me, and with a sense of wanderlust set off on my travels, camera in hand and have never looked back. I began my career with South West News Service, a prestigious regional agency based in Bristol supplying national newspapers and magazines with news and feature images. After three years of interesting and eclectic assignments, I was offered a contract at Getty Images, joining a team of five other UK News Photographers. Since joining in 2007, I have covered international assignments in numerous countries including Nigeria, Tunisia, Benin, South Africa, Philippines and most recently The Crimea. My images have appeared in publications around the world including National Geographic, Geo Magazine The New York Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The LA Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Time and Newsweek. When not strictly working, you can find me walking around the countryside photographing and generally enjoying the flora and fauna these fantastic Isles have to offer. Awards: Sony World Photography Awards 2014: Shortlisted. 2013 Getty Images European Editorial Photography Awards: European Photographer of the Year The UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards 2012 News Photographer of the Year The UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards 2011, Photo Essay winner Work Selected in the 2011 Press Photographer's Year Work Selected in the 2010 Press Photographer's Year The Picture Editors Guild Award 2010 Highly Commended - News Photographer of the Year The Press Photographers Year 2006 First place ‘The Arts’ News photographer of the year - The ‘NAPA’ - 2005 Student photographer of the year - The Press Gazette Awards - 2005, Social and Editorial Photographer of the Year - Fujifilm Student Awards - 2005


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