Paul Glendell

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With more than twenty five years as a professional photographer Paul's photos have appeared in several of the worlds' leading publications, including Time and Life magazines. He has been commissioned by or had photos in most of the UK’s national press with several front pages. He undertakes commissions for charities such as the Woodland Trust and the Westcountry and Severn Rivers Trusts for who he also produces time lapse videos. Paul is commissioned by the BBC News Web site to photograph and produce audio slideshows. He also regularly undertakes commissions for the photo agency United National Photographers for both consumer magazines and corporate clients. Paul holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism from University of Wales, Cardiff, and gained an 'Award of Excellence' in the 54th 'Pictures of the Year' competition in 1996, USA. The award winning photo of an oiled guillemot was first published in Life Magazine who entered the competition on his behalf. His work has been widely exhibited around Europe and beyond. With solo exhibitions in: Slovakia ( Bratislava, Nove Zamky) Hungary (Budapest, Debrecin) and Romania. His most recent exhibition was ‘The Tannery’ at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter UK.


Paul GlendellSarah Walaston newly elected MP for Totness Devon – photographed for Pulse magazine