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Check your insurance if you are covering civil disorder stories

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Yesterday morning I received a renewal reminder from the company that insures my camera gear. Twenty minutes later I read a posting on a photographers’ discussion forum warning that some of the companies who offer specialist cover for press photographers equipment were saying that they were not going to pay out for equipment stolen, lost or damaged during the recent civil disturbances in London. I put

thebppaCheck your insurance if you are covering civil disorder stories


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Our industry is in a state of great change, and established ways of making and working with photographs have been supplanted by entirely new ones. The enormous capabilities and efficiencies of digital capture and delivery have revolutionized the image marketplace at an astounding rate. But they have also created gaps in creative and quality control that have frequently led to confusion, inequities, loss of quality, and


Five Thousand Days – The Movie

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This Quicktime .mp4 movie was made by Dillon Bryden when he was in Italy overseeing the printing of the first copies of Five Thousand Days in 2004.  

thebppaFive Thousand Days – The Movie