Sally Soames 1937-2019

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Sally Soames and fellow members of The Press Photographers Association (which became The BPPA) at their first London exhibition at The Barbican. Photo ©Brian Harris. Sally Soames who worked as a photographer for The Sunday Times for more than three decades died aged 82 at her home in north London on the 5th of October 2019. Sally, like many of her generation had no formal training as

thebppaSally Soames 1937-2019

Keith Morris 1958-2019

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Photographer Keith Morris during the 2019 Hay Festival on June 1, 2019 in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. Photo © David Levenson/Getty Images. Tragic news. The day after Keith was reported missing, a body was found in the sea, near Aberystwyth. Many would know his byline, but fewer would have met the man. I saw him a couple of times a year, and my memory is of not just

thebppaKeith Morris 1958-2019

Women in Photojournalism

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Protesters clash with police at the Barton Moss fracking site, Manchester. Photo: Lynne Cameron/PA. When the association was mentioned in an open letter talking about Gender in Photojournalism The BPPA’s Vice Chair Lynne Cameron said in her response that “The Board of The BPPA welcomes constructive input from anyone who wants to help to promote and inspire great photography. If you have ideas on what more

thebppaWomen in Photojournalism

Quis custodiet IPSOs custodes?

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That’s the Mail Online brush-off, saying after publishing Rebecca Reid’s profile picture without either permission or payment, that by making her picture ‘public and discoverable’ she has posted it ‘into the public domain’. This is arrant nonsense. The public domain has a very specific meaning in copyright law, indicating that copyright has either been forfeited or expired, and in UK law it does not expire until

thebppaQuis custodiet IPSOs custodes?

BPPA Response to Pride in London

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This year, Press Photographers that applied for accreditation to photograph the Pride In London parade and celebrations received the following email: Changes to accreditation in 2019: Pride in London have been working with our agency partners to review the security arrangements for Pride in London 2019. We’ve made a number of changes to the parade route which will enable us to make the parade more secure.

thebppaBPPA Response to Pride in London

An open response to a recent social media post about gender in press photography

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The BPPA has come in for some criticism from a group called Women Photographers of the UK about what they refer to as the uneven representation of women in the current Assignments 2019 exhibition. You can read their open letter here on Medium. This is a response from Lynne Cameron, Vice Chair of The BPPA.   Dear Suzanne, Anna and Susannah   We would like to reassure

thebppaAn open response to a recent social media post about gender in press photography

Location lighting workshop with Neil Turner

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For anyone who remembers that far back, Neil Turner’s website started out as a vehicle for him to post updates about the work that he was doing along with some technique examples that he called “photographer education”. Well, that was in 1999 and a couple of years later he started doing occasional workshops and lectures about his use of portable flash on location. He has

thebppaLocation lighting workshop with Neil Turner

Curators Announcement

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We are pleased to announce two more Curators for Assignments – John Downing & Nikki Sutherland In a long career at the Daily Express John travelled the world covering a huge variety of stories. John was inside the Grand Hotel in Brighton when it was bombed, was imprisoned by Idi Amin, lived rough with the Guerrillas fighting the Russians in Afghanistan – and still found time

thebppaCurators Announcement