Covid-19 Support Resources

Loneliness, not seeing others or feeling you are unable to discuss the news, business or personal issues during this crisis can cause mental health issues.

NHS: Every Mind Matters

Mind: Loneliness and Mental Health

The Blurt Foundation for mental health support, excellent website and you can sign up for emails that they send each week to support you that are personalised.

The Banter and informal chats down the local with friends are a great way to let off steam. As an organisation the BPPA have licenses to host online chats and meetings with webcams and audio for large groups of people. We are able to host informal chats in our “virtual pub” should anyone wish to chat with their peers. We do not have any dates or times set aside for this as yet but if any members wish to pour a drink at home and chat with their work mates, email or and we will do our best to make our platform available to you.

Remember: The BPPA will try to offer as much support and advice to our members as we can. Anything that we do share will have been checked before posting but, given the fast-moving nature of the crisis, we cannot promise that everything we post is as up-to-date as we would like it to be. We would therefore suggest that you don’t rely solely on advice, links and suggestions made here and that you use the information as part of your decision making process by cross-checking it with other sources.

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