Five Thousand Days: Press Photography in a Changing World

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‘Five Thousand Days’ is an extraordinary collection of photographs charting one of the most momentous periods of change in human history. With an introduction by the celebrated newspaper editor Sir Harold Evans, it represents the very best of press photography over the last fifteen years. From the collapse of Communism in 1989 to the present day; our times have seen a rapid and unprecedented shift from a world dominated by the uneasy stand off between two superpowers, to one threatened by the unpredictable menace of global terrorism, suicide bombings and rogue states. Selected by the British Press Photographers Association from the work of its members, this collection encompasses everything from shattering global events such as September 11 to startling, surprising, humorous and beautiful pictures of the politics, sports, arts and entertainment of the period.

320 pages, 29cm x 25.6cm, Published 29 Oct 2004, Hardback with dust jacket, ISBN-13: 978-0715319048

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