Pete Jenkins

Photographic Consultant

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Pete Jenkins is a photojournalist with more than thirty years experience. Newspapers, magazines, books, Public Relations and New Media, his work is used in the UK and abroad. His photographic experience may have begun with black and white dunk tanks, but he is now fully immersed in the ‘Digital Revolution’. Formerly a sports specialist working for ‘Fleet Street’; Pete is now based in Nottingham in the East Midlands. His clients include the UK Photographic press (amateur and professional), East Midlands Business, Unions, magazines, newspapers and anyone else who requires his unique specialist skills. When not photographing Pete is usually editing, or restoring old photographs, but he does find time to give seminars on a wide range of photo related subjects including stock photography and copyright. Pete Jenkins is a campaigner for photographer/creator rights and would like to see Moral Rights underwriting Copyright in the UK, Europe and the world. Photographic Imaging has taken a beating since 1985, and we need to stem the tide of rates attrition, and the low respect, which so many now have for creators. Re-establishing full copyright as a basic human right will help us achieve this.


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