Covid-19 Resources

This page and the associated pages are a list of resources that may prove useful to members, photographers and small business owners.

Whilst the world is experiencing turbulent times during the Covid 19 pandemic The BPPA will try to offer as much support and advice to our members as we can. Anything that we do share will have been checked before posting but, given the fast-moving nature of the crisis, we cannot promise that everything we post is as up-to-date as we would like it to be. We would therefore suggest that you don’t rely solely on advice, links and suggestions made here and that you use the information as part of your decision making process by cross-checking it with other sources.

Business and Working Resources and Links

Financial Resources and Links

Support Resources and Links

If you are experiencing, or are about to experience, any financial hardship because of the pandemic then please email and we will suspend your payments whilst leaving your membership status as “paid” so that you can still make use of any and all membership benefits.

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The BPPA Board

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