Quis custodiet IPSOs custodes?

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That’s the Mail Online brush-off, saying after publishing Rebecca Reid’s profile picture without either permission or payment, that by making her picture ‘public and discoverable’ she has posted it ‘into the public domain’. This is arrant nonsense. The public domain has a very specific meaning in copyright law, indicating that copyright has either been forfeited or expired, and in UK

BPPA EditorQuis custodiet IPSOs custodes?

EU Copyright Directive to be debated in European Parliament

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Tomorrow (26th March 2019) MEPs will vote on a controversial EU directive to copyright work used on the web. It sets terms and conditions for others to reuse content (posted by people like us) commercially. The battle has been between the tech giants, whose business model is all about reusing other’s intellectual property without license or renumeration, and us ‘the

BPPA EditorEU Copyright Directive to be debated in European Parliament