Location lighting workshop with Neil Turner

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For anyone who remembers that far back, Neil Turner’s www.dg28.com website started out as a vehicle for him to post updates about the work that he was doing along with some technique examples that he called “photographer education”. Well, that was in 1999 and a couple of years later he started doing occasional workshops and lectures about his use of portable flash on location. He has

thebppaLocation lighting workshop with Neil Turner

Away day… to Poland

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As if often the case in the era of multimedia news gathering I was recently despatched to Poland on a whirlwind visit to shoot stills and video. A British armoured Battlegroup have been taking part in war games with the Polish military entitled “Black Eagle” for several weeks and the press had been invited along to coincide with a visit by the Chief of the General

thebppaAway day… to Poland
Phil Clarke-Hill

Mentoring young photographers

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It goes without saying that the business is now unrecognisable from the one that I entered in the early 1990s. Then, the structure was relatively linear and there was a clear defining path to an editorial career. Now, every photographer has to be a brand and use social media to shout their wares and tout their abilities. It isn’t even clear what editorial or documentary photography

thebppaMentoring young photographers