The Copyright Fight

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As the song goes ‘There may be trouble ahead’…except this time there is no ‘maybe’ about it. For those that recall the less-than-wonderful “Clause 43” of Labour’s “Digital Economy Bill” which proposed to legalise the use of Orphan Works and Extended Collective Licensing – well, despite its defeat it’s back and this time it’s personal. Hidden away in a completely

Eddie MulhollandThe Copyright Fight

An Open Letter to Sir George Young MP

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Dear Sir George One of the easiest ways for a backbench Member of Parliament to get noticed and to acquire a platform is to jump onto passing populist bandwagons. Over the years we have seen it many times but Nadine Dorries MP has just joined a very select club; those whose chasing of popularity and notoriety has become something more

thebppaAn Open Letter to Sir George Young MP

More British than the British.

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Posted on March 30, 2012 by eddiemulh In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. My father had worked there in the 1950′s, so we were one of the few families in the United Kingdom that knew that somewhere north of Scotland had not been annexed by Spanish speaking invaders. I went to Argentina and then to the Falkland Islands in

Eddie MulhollandMore British than the British.
©Michael Graae

Michael Graae : Reporting from Libya

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You may think that because the war is over, it is much safer and easier to report from Libya, but that is not necessarily the case. This post is written after my third trip to the country, the first being in February 2011 at the start of the war and the second in November 2011, one month after the death

Michael GraaeMichael Graae : Reporting from Libya